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Sub Rosa

He's 58.

Name's Professor Wizard. Y'all can call me Professor Techno though. Or Professor Tech. Or just Tech. Ain't real fond o' Mr. Wizard though, that was m' father's name. I explore weird stuff in Equestria.

(Note that this blog makes use of animated .gifs. To stop the animations, press "esc" on your keyboard.)

Sep 1 '14

I was told it was a good thing to laugh at my own jokes.

Now who’s laughing.

(Behold, another character of mine, the fruit stripe zebra Rainbow Sky! And briefly Meadowlark and Shai Ni, of AskMerriweather and ShinyShaini!)

Aug 31 '14


((WELL.. thanks for 4000+.. I managed to cram 60 of you in there before my right hand died but thank you ALL for being the most supportive followers a silly ask blog could ask for. Thanks to every single one of you for your messages, fanart, comments, reblogs and interest in general. I sincerely hope we continue having fun for the rest of eternity. Thank you.))

Awwww, lookit the wee Tech! Thanks so much Thauma, your art is always so recognizable!
Aug 30 '14
Aug 30 '14


So I’ve made a few more cards so far. :3 Thought I’d show them off all together.


Aug 30 '14

So I’ve made a few more cards so far. :3 Thought I’d show them off all together.

Aug 28 '14



((Hey everyone! While our mods are having a break, why don’t you enjoy a little something we prepared earlier and have had a little trouble fitting into the narrative a wee bit. What follows is a little short story inspired by this exchange between one of our mods: Hazelhooves and the wonderful Technomod. It features their OC’s: Mr. Teabiscuits: Head librarian of Canterlot Library, along with his assistant, Mumblehush as they encounter a patron who takes ‘travel literature’ to a whole new level. Enjoy.))

Britannia and the Overdue Library Book.


It was fifteen days later and all was quiet in the Great Library of Canterlot. Ponies of all trots of life roved among the high bookshelves and reading desks; whole new worlds just a few pages away from enquiring minds. Only the lightest hoof-steps and the occasional thump of a rubber stamp broke the silence of this bastion of learning.

It wasn’t to last.

A disquieting hum started to grow in volume, echoing among the high arches and causing the window-panes to rattle in the Library’s great glass dome. Disturbed patrons glanced up as a shadow began to blot the skylights: the immense canopy of a Royal Air Flotilla dirigible as it made its ponderous way over the centuries-old building.

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Lookie! I did a thing with Hazel! :3 With some of my characters other than Tech!

Thanks to the lovely Hazel for supplying the vectors for all of the characters and tidying up the letter; bang up job!

Aug 27 '14

Real Talk + Commissions


Howdy Tumblr folk.

I generally tend to keep my own daily life away from the blogs and such, but I’m afraid I’m a little short on options at this point in time.  A few of you know that I’ve been unemployed for the past year now; I lost my job at a video game publisher/developer studio I worked for when they made sweeping cuts to the staff.  Finding a new job since then has not been a particularly successful experience and, much to my displeasure, I’m sitting on the edge of personal financial bankruptcy right now.  While I’m fortunate enough to have family I’ve been able to rely upon for room and board, I still have bills that need to be paid; student loan payments most of all of the bunch.  I’m still looking for active employment but need something to supplement my rapidly dwindling funds in the meantime.

Y’all will notice I’ve updated the look and layout of the main blog, including adding in a little Donations button at the sidebar menu.  If you like what I do and want to show your appreciation, or just happen to have more money than you know what to do with, I’d be much obliged for any spare cash you might be inclined to toss my way.  That said, I’m not just asking for handouts here.  The tip jar is just an aside.  I’ll shortly be updating the layout of my mod blog as well and putting up information on Art Commissions in its own post soon to follow.

So what does this mean for the blog itself?

Overall?  Nothing.  There’s not going to be any change in how things have been run so far, nor in in my posting frequency or the quality of art.  I’ve been at it this entire year now despite being unemployed, so there’s no reason for it to change now.  I’m not charging for updates or anything like that.  I may delay posts a little to give priority to commission pieces if demand is high enough, but it’s not like I have a regular posting schedule in the first place, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Hey guys! The Great and Powerful Merrimod would appreciate it if you could take a look at this, maybe donate some? If you like what they put out, show it! Let’s help a friend out, ‘ey?

Aug 25 '14

Quick Question!

Hey there friends! We’re chuggin’ along, quite a bit faster than things have been in months! We’re going to be entering another short little chapter though, featuring another cross-over! But with whom, you might ask? Well, that’s a secret for now.

However, I have a question! Due to the speed of the other artist, and not wanting to bog them down, the next updates will likely feature a single header image, and text underneath, and updates will involve tennis-posting back and forth with the other artist. The question though is how much text can I put in before it’s going to clog up your dashboards? I really prefer to NOT use the read-more option.

How long should the text portion be? A page? Two pages? Three pages? What do you think?

Aug 25 '14

Woo! Meeting with Miss Shai Ni done! Expect her to keep popping up though.

… Now for a new meeting in Ponyville though. I wonder who could be next? :3

Aug 22 '14



Dayblog, old man!